Elixir H2O provides a solution to all those crucial water problems that threaten the sustenance of humans.

Introducing Elixir H2O

The Path to A Water-Sustained Future
Makes water from Air

Drink water of highest purity created from the atmospheric air.

Purifies Air

Breathe in fresh and pure air, free from the germs and pollution.

Zero Wastage RO Purification

Convert the impure groundwater or tap water to pure, consumable water.


Enjoy the low humidity surroundings; cuts down the power consumption of ACs.

Features & Benefits

Drink water of highest purity created from the atmospheric air.

Highest Quality of Water

The highest level of purity in drinking water generated as per IS standards and the standards of WHO; safe to consume for all people including small children.

Zero Waste RO

As this is a renewable technology, there is zero waste produced and is therefore eco-friendly unlike the traditional RO water systems.

Easy, Single-time Installation

Enjoy continuous supply of drinking water from the comfort of your home or office with a one-time installation and minimum maintenance.

Perfect to Use Anywhere

Be it homes, offices, hotels, apartments or even shopping centers, you can choose from the wide range of AWG units available of varying capacities.


Compared to the huge amount of money spent on procuring drinking water, this single installation investment of AWG is much cheaper in the long-term.

Alkaline Water

The anti-oxidized, alkalized water from Elixir H2O can help with hydration, acidity regulation and even prevent the generation of cancer cells.

Our Products

Available in varying designs and capacities. Commercial models with capacities up to 5000 litres per day also available.